UX LIVE 2019 has officially launched!

UX LIVE 2019 will be the third instalment of the world's fastest growing UX training conference. Spanning user research, product & service design, emerging technologies and design leadership; UX LIVE 2019 presents three days of practical, actionable insights into the UX methodologies and best practices employed by some of the world's leading researchers and designers.

Featuring a world-class lineup of over 40 industry leaders; UX LIVE will continue to offer unrivalled variety and flexibility. 
With multiple tracks, panels & a full day of workshops, you can ‘create-your-own-agenda’ based on the content that best suits your personal skill development.

Due to last year's sold out event and high demand, workshop allocation at UX LIVE will also be operating on a first-come-first-serve policy from the date of ticket purchased. So booking your tickets early gives you the best chance of attending the workshop of your choice, once they are announced.

Registrees will also have access to group rates which otherwise may not be made available.

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